About The Midwest Trans* and Queer Wellness Initiative:

The The Midwest Trans* and Queer Wellness Initiative (MTQWI) was founded as an effort to establish a organization that would address a lack in services dedicated to the physical, mental, and social wellness of Midwestern trans*, queer, and LGBQPIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Questioning, Pansexual, Intersex, Asexual, Ally) communities. The initiative started in 2008 under the small working group called the GenderQueer Coalition. In 2010, the project took on the name MTQWI, marking a turning point where foundational work was completed and a greater vision was formed. Now, MTQWI is working to launch an organization, The Trans* Wellness Group, that will provide accessible, inclusive, and affirming resources to community members and service providers through comprehensive educational programming, community building social activities, creative cultural growth, and socially just activist work. The Trans* Wellness Group will be fully launched in the Winter of 2013.

Mission Statement

The Midwest Trans* and Queer Wellness Initiative (MTQWI) is dedicated to the facilitation and actualization of socially just, gender diversity-centered activism, education, and physical, emotional, and social health and wellness resources for trans*, queer, and LGBQPIA communities in the Midwestern United States. MTQWI will support, assist, and facilitate the development and formation of community lead initiatives aimed at servicing trans*, queer, and LGBQPIA people and their related intersectional communities through activism, community-building, education, and resource creation.

Action Plan

 MTQWI goals and objectives include:

  • Promote, support, and establish activist involvement in trans* and queer focused activist causes and movements, locally and nationally
  • Build a network of trans* and queer organizations in the Midwest
  • Foster positive, trans* focused social spaces for personal support and community building
  • Create and provide educational resources focused on trans* and queer identities
  • Promote accessible, non-pathologizing health care and resources for Midwest trans* and queer communities 
  • Create an online data base of Midwestern of professionals who are affirming and supportive of gender diversity
  • Develop comprehensive gender identity-focused educational trainings for schools and workplaces
  • Advocate for trans* and queer inclusive legislation in Midwestern states and nationally
  • Establish trans* and queer community centers and wellness clinics based in affirming, non-pathologizing methodologies
  • Create an endowment to cultivate accessible trans* and queer health clinics and community centers in Midwestern states 

Awards and Grants

 Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTICJoe Norton Award Recipient, 2013

Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training Community Leaders Institute Recipient, 2013